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Dark Blood Trailer

Dealing with nuclear testing and its long-lasting deadly effects, the story portrays Boy, a young widower living in the desert on a nuclear testing site. Living as a hermit,he waits for the end of the world carving Kachina dolls that he believes have magical powers. While traveling on a "second" honeymoon across the Arizona desert,the car of a Hollywood jet-set couple breaks down. They are rescued by Boy, who holds them prisoners because he desires the woman and wants to create a better world with her. 

Dark Blood is a film directed by George Sluizer, written by Jim Barton, and starring River Phoenix, Judy Davis, and Jonathan Pryce. The film wasn't completed due to the death of Phoenix shortly before the end of the project and remained unfinished for 19 years.

Together with George I had the oppertunity to cut his trailer for his film Dark Blood. 

A couple of weeks after we finished it, his health situation has gotten worst, I so cherish each moment I had with this man, listening to all his stories.

RIP George